Our Interior Design Process

Our 5 step Interior Design Process

Interior Design Inspiration

Design Inspiration

Find pictures and samples of anything you like, include fabric samples, magazine pictures, paint colours or any other material that inspires you. Collect and save in a handy file for future reference. When the time comes for you to show us your ideas your collection will be a great help to creating your dream home.

Meet Christine, the Interior Designer from Mosman, Sydney

Meet the Interior Designer

Our first appointment will allow us to meet you and see what you need, want, like or dislike. A face to face meeting is important to determine who you are and how you live. We will tour your house and review your file of design ideas.

Set your Interior Design budget

Set Your Design Budget

The size of the project will be dependant on your budget. We will review your budget based on how much renovation work is required and how much new furniture, appliances, windows decorations, and accessories are required. We encourage to hold periodical meeting to review the budget in case any unforeseen events occur.

Interior Design Decoration Choice

Decoration Choice

If you are a “do it yourself” person we can be your design consultants where we provide you with suggestions on colours and materials and offer a list of suitable suppliers. Alternatively, with your guidance our interior design consultant or interior designer can act as a project manager and do everything for you. The choice is yours.

Commit to the Renovation

When we know your final budget and plans, it is time for you to commit the time and money to finish the project to your satisfaction. Remember, renovation projects will take the time they require. We will do our best to work to a project schedule and within your budget. We will have suppliers give you their best delivery date for cabinets, furniture, and all materials to be installed.

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