Lounge Room Design & Decoration

Lounge Room Designed by Christine Hamilton Interior Design

Lounge Room Designed by
Christine Hamilton Interior Design

Great lounge room designs are timeless, personal and enriching

Every home owner should be able to have a beautifully designed lounge room.

A successful lounge room design project is the result of trust and candid communication between the client and the interior designer.

Our goal at Christine Hamilton Interior Design is to demystify the design process. We welcome our clients into a vast world of resources and possibilities to create a lounge room design that reflects their individuality as well as enhancing their lifestyle.

Lounge room designed by CH Interior Design, Mosman, North Shore, Eastern Suburbs

Lounge Room Designed by
Christine Hamilton Interior Design

A good lounge room design

When you’re looking to design your lounge room there are some major factors you need to think about. 

Who uses the room?
How much space do you have?
How do you use the space?

Things to consider about your lounge room design

A good quality sofa will last you up to ten years. Think of it as an investment.

A floor rug can add warmth to a lounge room, and it can also change the way a lounge room looks. It’s a great accessory to change the look in an instant.

Cushions can inject style in an instant. If you’ve got a classic sofa, you can change the look and make a lounge room look more liveable with a print and pattern.

Choose smart lighting solutions that will add ambience, proper lighting can change the mood of a room. 

Declutter your lounge room. You don’t have to have everything on show all at once. Pack away some of your treasures and pare back the space. That way you can rotate your pieces and create a different look at every whim.

Most of all, don’t be afraid to mix and match and put your style stamp on the lounge room design. It’s where you spend a lot of time, so you want to enjoy it!

Christine Hamilton Interior Designers currently service areas within Sydney’s North Shore, Northern Beaches and Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs including Whale Beach, Palm Beach, Manly, Neutral Bay and Cremorne just to name a few.

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