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Bathroom Design and Renovation
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Bathrooms are one of the busiest rooms in any home, house or commercial premises.

A new bathroom design and renovation can be one of the most complex and expensive projects when looking to complete any home renovation.

Planning is essential to ensuring that your bathroom or ensuite design is not only practical and functional but relaxing and comfortable. By combining function and beauty effortlessly in your bathroom design will ensure the optimum result and create a space that indulges your mind, body and soul.

Bathroom design and renovation is a specialist field and there is no doubt that it requires calling in the experts. An expert interior designer can assist you from the initial planning to the design, project management, build and installation of your bathroom.

We highly recommend that you hire an expert, as completing this yourself or hiring the average builder can leave you with a bathroom design that you don’t like. It can also mean that you will incur an overall higher cost and lengthy delays in fixing and refitting to get it right.

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To assist you in preparing yourself for a design consultation we have prepared the following points for your consideration:

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Bathroom Fittings & Fixtures
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Budget for the renovation?

How much will my new bathroom cost, from the initial planning, design, decoration and installation?

Apart from the kitchen, the bathroom is the most expensive room in any home, house or commercial premises to renovate.

Today’s consumers have plenty of choices when it comes to fittings, fixtures and finishes for their bathroom or in many cases multiple bathrooms and this means almost every budget can be accommodated.

Setting the budget is the first item that should be addressed when planning any bathroom renovation.

This will act as a guide throughout the selection process and will ensure your interior designer is able to maximize your budget.

Functional requirements of the bathroom?

It is important to consider how you will use the bathroom on a daily basis.

What is the main reason why you want to renovate your existing bathroom? Are you looking for more space or perhaps a more functional bathroom floor plan? Do you just want a new look and modern bathroom fixtures? Perhaps there are issues with leaks or hazards you need to address?

Who will use the newly renovated bathroom?

This information is useful when establishing your specific functional requirements and determines what kind of features and materials you may need to incorporate.

For example a child’s bathroom will have different needs to a couple’s ensuite.

Bathroom design and decoration?

It is important that the look of your bathroom complements the rest of the home as this will ensure continuity as your move from one space to another, so think about the style of your home or premises.

Draw inspiration from magazines, websites, articles and collect pictures, notes or articles on things you like or that interest you.

Compile a wish list. List all the things you would like to have included in your new bathroom or ensuite.

Remember it’s the responsibility of the interior designer or decorator to deliver a bathroom design that reflects your personal style and taste as well as your individual and family’s functional requirements. Therefore there is no need to go to great efforts to gather this information.

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